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with the story, there was unconcealed impatience. No one. wanted a plot tonight. CCDE Cisco Certification No one had ever wanted one. Quite a large number of the most enthusiastic habitu s were unaware that there was such a thing, and few, if any, would have been able CCDE it exam to give a lucid account of it. And tonight to insist on wasting time with such irrelevance was folly. The entrance of the most perfect chorus in Britain soothed them slightly. The fourteen Woffington girls were famous in two continents, and their studies in synchronized motion gave one the same feeling of complete. satisfaction the satisfaction that never becomes satiety that one has on beholding the Guards in motion. Not a head turned too much, not a toe was out of alignment. No kick was higher than its neighbour, no flop was quicker than another. When the last of the fourteen flicked her black and orange columbine skirt in a little defiant motion as she disappeared behind the flats the audience had almost forgotten Ray. Almost, but not quite. Ray and Gollan possessed the house it was their night, t

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