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ook at the lad, except Lina the youngest, who CCIE Service Provider fixed her large black eyes as soft as velvet on CCIE Service Provider it exam him, and exclaimed, Oh, how pretty he is our new flower boy. The rest all burst out laughing, and the eldest pointed out that a princess ought never to lower herself by looking at a garden boy. Now Michael knew quite well what had happened to all the princes, but notwithstanding, the beautiful eyes of the Princess Lina inspired him with a violent longing to try his fate. Cisco Certification Unhappily he did not dare to come forward, being afraid that he should only be jeered at, or even turned away from the castle on account of his impudence. V Nevertheless, the Star Gazer had another dream. The lady in the golden dress appeared to him once more, holding in one hand two young laurel trees, a cherry laurel and a rose laurel, and in the other hand a lit. tle golden rake, a little golden bucket, and a silken towel. She thus addressed him Plant these two laurels in two large pots, rake them over with the rake, water them with the bucket, and wipe them with the towel. When they have grown as tall as a girl of fifteen, say to each of them, My beautiful laurel, with the golden rake I have raked

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400-201 CCIE Service Provider Written Exam Version 4.0 Cisco CCIE Service Provider