Tuesday, March 28 2017


Российские и международные новости 24

alive. No she reconsidered and kept her emotionsactive. The intuition provided by this aspect of he. r intelligence template was toovaluable to deactivate in a NCDA it exam battle. She maneuvered the flagship toward the gas giant, Threshold. The incoming plasmamight be disrupted by the planet s mag.netic field if she dared get close enough. Cortana diverted power from the foreshield to the aft por.tions, distorting the protectivebubble around the flagship. She turned all seven plasma turrets aft and fired a pair ofplasma tor.pedoes at the incoming salvo. The plasma turrets warmed and belched superheated flame but it dispersed into a dullred cloud only a few meters from the point of fire, thinned, and then dissolved. She saw a subsystem linked to the weapons control an ac.companying magnetic fieldmultiplier. That was how the Cove.nant shaped and guided their charges of plasma. Itacted as a sophisticated focusing lens. So. mething wasn Network Appliance Certification t right, however something hadalready been in this directory and NCDA had erased the software. Cortana swore that when she caught this guerrilla Covenant AI, she d erase it line by line. Without understanding how the guiding magnetic fields worked, the plasma turrets wereno more useful than a fireworks display. The enemy Covenant plasma charges, however, were tight and burned like miniat

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
NS0-157 NetApp Certified Data Administrator (NCDA) Network Appliance NCDA