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basalt slab they were using for a table. The direwolf got to his feet and padded across theroom to where she stood. It seemed bigger than a wolf ought to be. You ve grown a beard, she saidto.Robb, while Grey Wind sniffed her hand. He rubbed his stubbled jaw, suddenly awkward. Yes. His chin hairs were redder than the ones onhis head. I like it. Catelyn stroked the wolf s head, gently. It makes you look like PMI Certification my brother Edmure. Grey Wind nipped at her fingers, playful, and trotted back to his place by the fire. Ser Helman Tallhart was the first to follow the direwolf across the room to PMI it exam pay his respects,kneeling before her and pressing his brow to her hand. Lady Catelyn, he said, you are fair as ever,a welcome sight in troubled times. The Glovers followed, Galbart and PMI Robett, and Greatjon Umber,and the rest, one by one. Theon Greyjoy was the last. I had not looked to see you here, my lady, hesaid as he knelt. I had not thought to be here, Catel.yn said, until I came ashore at White Harbor, and LordWyman told me that Robb had called the banners. You know his son, Ser Wendel, Wendel Manderlystepped forward and bowed as low as his girth would allow. And my uncle, Ser Brynden Tully, whohas

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